The Heiwa Clan (Translated directly to Peace) is one of the most powerful clans in sn unknown village. Since the name of the Heiwa, they are the peace makers of the village and many of the clan members have served beside the Chakage themselves. They are also distant reletives of the Uchiha Clan.


The Heiwa have been around for centuries and feared, but admired, by many because of there outstanding chakra and common wolf demons and for their advanced peace making skills and acceptace to others. They have an eye Genjutsu called the Shinigan. 

Akukage have a history of taken as cold but. Or abused by others because of their fearsome Jutsu.


Shigame varies by user. Here are some listed eyes that belong to Kuchisake Akukage.


The Shinigan  (Translated to Death Wish Eye) is a powerful Genjutsu that intraps it's victim in a seamless dreamstate.  

Unlike the Sharingan, the Shinigan's victim is less likely it is to escape.

It is very know yet very little is known about it.

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