Yukimura ClanEdit

(幸村) Yukimura Literally meaning "Snow Village"
The Yukimura Clan predates the battle at the Final valley by 257 years, the Clan -at the time- was one of the most feirce in combat, though they generally minded their own buisness. The Clan (like the Uchiha and Senju) were strong, and had more hakra than most other's, their Bloodline Limit was known as "Kokuishi" meaning Empty Sky. This was unique from Sharingan, Byakugan, and Rinnegan because they can focus at a farther distance than other shinobi, and are capable of temporary Kekkei Genkai Transmutation. The Clan members were commonly known for their Lax Nature, unless being invaded or attacked. The Clan is also known for weapon mastery.


Originally, the Yukimura Clan was located in the Land of Snow, and maintained balance as the strongest clan. Fighting often for land, the Yukimura Clan branched out to all other parts of the known world at some point, only the land of Iron, Land of Ogres, and Land of Silence have remained free of the Yukimura Tyranny.